In front of a beautiful beach with rocky beauty and golden beaches meet the Elizabeth’s House. Here man meets nature in an environment of luxury and natural beauty.

It is a fascinating holiday destination in a natural green setting with magnificent views of the blue waters of Chalkidiki. Here you can combine relaxation , luxury , quality and fun.

We are 90 km from Thessaloniki.


The Vatopedi ( c) is refugee settlement of the Municipal Department of Ormilia the Prefecture of Chalkidiki . From the foot of the hill lies the
beach. It has 236 inhabitants. The location is east of the river Le Havre, in a place with few olive groves and vineyards. The main occupation is agriculture. It is 5 kilometers from Ormilia and 87chm from Thessaloniki. The village was founded by refugees , a native of Asia Minor, who settled in the village after 1922 . To name came from the fact that refugees settled in the Vatopedi monastery on Mount Athos . The settlement until 1971 was a separate community.


The Metamorphosis was once a small beach which settled uprooted refugees after the Asia Minor catastrophe, where the old agioreitikoy shares of Vozainas . Today , the village is a developed tourist resort with beautiful beaches and dense pine trees. It belongs to the city municipality of unity Ormilia Poligirou . Located around 90 km from Thessaloniki, 30 km from New Moudania and Polygyro , and 25 km from Neos Marmaras . Geographically located at the head of Toroneo Bay , at the beginning of the peninsula of Sithonia , in the wooded hillside and seaside .


The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The ancient Sermyli was located in the area that today is called Flat Tuba . Also in the area was the ancient Gallipoli (now archaeological site ) . In recent years discovered in currency , which dates from 500 BC about . Today Ormilia is a town in the municipality Sithonia 3,272 residents. It is 7 km from the coast of Toronaios Gulf, 87 km from Thessaloniki and 27 from Polygyro . The climate is mild and conducive to horticulture . The main occupation of the inhabitants is olive growing and tourism. Central temple in Ormilia is St. George ( the elder ) . There is also a temple dedicated to the Holy Apostles. It is also worth mentioning the churches of St. George on a hill with the same name, the Holy Trinity and St. Demetrius. Celebrated on 29 June.


The winner is a town and capital of the municipality Sithonia. From Thessaloniki and 105 km from the capital of Halkidiki , Poligiro , 36 km main occupation of the inhabitants are tourism , olive production and beekeeping. The name Nikiti comes from the land of Neakitou dependency of the Monastery of Xenophon since 1300 , placed near the current scissors, just before the junction to Marmara. The village is divided in modern, seaside resort and the old village, located off the main road. The old village has been preserved to this day almost unchanged thanks to the owners of the houses restored and maintained.